Online Concealed Carry Classes: The Ultimate Beginners Guide 

Concealed carry classes are an excellent way to learn how to protect yourself when shooting and hunting. However, not all states allow you to take an online concealed carry class. Here you’ll get the ultimate beginner’s guide on online concealed carry classes.

Whether you’re new to gun ownership or just looking to improve your skills, an online concealed carry class is a fantastic way to learn. In fact, many states now offer online concealed carry classes as an option for those seeking certification without leaving the comfort of their own home.

Here are some things to keep in mind when taking an online concealed carry class:

  • Make sure the instructor is qualified and experienced in teaching firearms safety and self-defense.
  • Be aware of any deadlines or requirements that may apply to your state’s concealed carry permit process.
  • Always practice with a self-defense weapon before taking a live fire course.

What Is concealed carry?

Concealed carry is the method of carrying a firearm in a concealed manner. In most states, carrying a concealed firearm without a permit is legal. There are several causes someone might choose to carry a firearm concealed. Some people may feel safer knowing they have access to a weapon if needed, while others may feel more comfortable carrying firearms in public because they know they will not be confronted with them. Read more.

Concealed Carry Means…

What To Look For In An Online Concealed Carry Class

When considering whether or not to take an online concealed carry class, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

First, the class should be reputable and provide quality instruction.

Second, the class should be interactive and allow for hands-on learning.

Third, the class should be affordable and provide ample opportunity for practice.

Finally, finding a class tailored to your individual needs and interests is essential. By taking these aspects into account, you can find an online concealed carry class that will help you better protect yourself on and offline.

How Much Does It Cost To Take An Online Concealed Carry Class?

Many people are curious about taking an online concealed carry class but may be unsure of the cost. Generally, a fee is associated with taking an online class, although the price can vary depending on the provider. Often, these classes will run anywhere from $50 to $100 per session. 

Keep in mind that not all providers are created equal. Some may offer lower prices if you sign up for multiple sessions, while others may be more expensive if you only need one session. It’s always important to do your research and find a course that’s right for you.

Is There A Duration Limitation On The Course?

When looking for an online concealed carry class, it is essential to consider the time limit. Most courses have a time limit of around three hours.

This does not include the time needed to complete the coursework and receive your certificate.

Will I Be Able To Practice My Skills Outside Of The Classroom?

There is no doubt that practicing your concealed carry skills outside of the classroom can be incredibly beneficial. After all, if you can perfect your techniques at home in a controlled environment, you’ll be better prepared when you take the class and try to use them in a real-world situation. However, there are a few items to stow in mind when practicing.

10 Concealed Carry Tips for Beginners

First, ensure that your practice environment is safe and secure. If someone can see or hear you, it will likely negate the benefit of practicing your skills. Second, be conscious of your surroundings at all times. If something feels off – whether it’s an unfamiliar person or an unusual noise – don’t hesitate to take cover or get away from the area altogether. Last but not least, remember that even if everything goes perfectly during practice sessions, accidents happen – so always be prepared for the worst by having a backup plan ready should things go wrong.

Are Any Other Requirements Or Restrictions I Must Understand Before Taking The Course?

There are no other requirements or restrictions that you must understand before taking the course. The only condition is that you are at least 21 years old.

Can I retake The Course If I Pass It The First Time?

Many think taking an online concealed carry class is a waste of time. This is because most people believe they will be able to pass the class the first time they take it. This is not always the case, however. If you fail to pass the class the first time you take it, do not despair. There are many ways to pass an online concealed carry class, and using some of these methods can successfully pass the class on your second attempt.

How To Pass In Online Concealed Carry Classes?

Passing an online concealed carry class can be challenging, but with the proper preparation and study, you can ensure a successful outcome. Here are some tips to support you pass your class:

1. Do Your Homework – Before starting your online course, do your research and familiarize yourself with the material. This will help you retain information and use the time allowed for each class section.

2. Make Sure You’re Prepared for Every Question – Be prepared for any question in the class. If you don’t know the answer, research it before coming to class to provide a solid response.

3. Pay Attention – Remain attentive during the entire course; if you’re not paying attention, you won’t be able to correctly answer questions or follow along with the material. This will lead to frustration on your part and could ultimately result in a failed grade.

4. Take the Time to Ask for Help – If you struggle with a particular class section, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your instructor or classmates. This will not only help you pass the class, but it will also improve your understanding of the material.

If you pursue these tips, you should have no problem passing your online concealed carry class.


There are multiple advantages to taking an online concealed carry class.

First and foremost, many people find these classes more convenient than in-person classes. This is because you can complete the course at your own pace and take the class from anywhere in the country.

Additionally, online courses often have more videos and additional resources than traditional classes, making them more comprehensive. 

Pros/Cons of Concealed & Open Carry

Another benefit of taking an online concealed carry class is learning from various instructors with different teaching styles. This allows you to find a class that fits your learning style best. Plus, some instructors are better at demonstrating techniques than others, so if one instructor’s style doesn’t appeal to you, others will likely be more helpful in your quest for self-defense knowledge. 

Finally, online concealed carry courses often have lower tuition rates than traditional concealed carry courses. This makes them an excellent option for someone who wants to improve their skills but doesn’t have the span or cash to attend a full-blown course.


There are some cons to taking an online concealed carry class. While the convenience is undoubtedly a plus, some worry that this type of training may not be as rigorous or comprehensive as traditional classes.

Additionally, many states require that you take a course to get your permit, so using an online source may not be the best option if you want to get the most out of your education.


Can I take a concealed carry class online in Florida?

Yes, individuals in Florida can take a Concealed Carry Class (CCW) from an authorized instructor through several accredited providers. To be approved to offer a CCW class, instructors must undergo a criminal background check and maintain valid CEUs (Continuing Education Units). 
Research each provider before enrolling to find an accredited course that meets your specific needs.

Can you take concealed carry classes online in Texas?

In Texas, individuals with concealed carry licenses can take concealed carry classes online. A few leading online concealed carry course providers in Texas include GunFire Academy and The Tactical Academy. These providers offer various courses, from basic safety training to more advanced self-defense options.
Though there are a few limitations to taking online classes in Texas, they are still an excellent way to learn about firearms safety and self-defense techniques. Online classes provide flexibility for those who may have time constraints or who may not be able to attend live class sessions. Plus, many students find that taking online classes provides them with more feedback than they would receive from attending live sessions alone.

Are online concealed carry classes legit?

Though a few online providers of concealed carry classes have been known to offer fraudulent or inaccurate material, the vast majority of online courses are legitimate. However, it is always important to do your research and make sure that the provider you choose is reputable before enrolling in any course.

Can I take a concealed carry class online?

Most states do not allow individuals to take concealed carry classes online. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, residents of Alaska can take a Concealed Carry Orientation Course (CCOC) online through the state’s Department of Public Safety. CCOCs provide an overview of the state’s concealed carry laws and regulations and instructions on how to properly carry and use a handgun.
Students interested in taking an online CCOC should contact their local law enforcement agency to see if they need to take the class in person before enrolling.

Can you take concealed carry class online in Illinois?

In Illinois, residents can take a concealed carry class from an authorized instructor only if the course is offered at a participating pistol training school. This means that most online classes are not approved for use in Illinois.
Ensure the provider is reputable and accredited by either the National Rifle Association (NRA) or the Georgia Firearms Training Council. 

Can you take concealed carry class online in NC?

If you want to obtain a concealed carry permit in North Carolina, there are a few things you will need before starting the process. The first thing that you will need is a valid driver’s license. You must be at least 21 years aged and have no felony convictions. Additionally, you must be able to pass a police background check and have no weapons restrictions. You can start the online concealed carry class if these prerequisites are met. 
The online concealed carry class is an excellent option for those seeking to get their permit without traveling to North Carolina. The course wraps everything you require to know about gun safety and handling and the laws surrounding the concealment of firearms in North Carolina. The lesson is self-paced, so there is no pressure on you, and you can take it at your own pace. After finishing the course, you will be ready to apply for your permit and safely begin carrying firearms in public.


So, what’s the verdict? Is online concealed carry education a good option for you? While there are many benefits and drawbacks to taking an online course, the overall verdict is that it can be a great way to learn about self-defense without leaving home. If you’re looking for a convenient way to improve your skills, an online class may be just what you’re looking for.

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