American Airlines and Boom Supersonic have contracts for up to 20 Overture planes, with an option for a further 40.

Derek Kerr, the chief financial officer of America, made a statement.

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"Both our business and our customers are thrilled about how Boom will change the future of travel."

The airline has made a non-refundable deposit of an undisclosed sum on the first 20 aircraft.

Before receiving any Overture aircraft, Boom must abide by America's other normal requirements and industry-standard operational, performance, and safety standards.

Boom estimated that a trip from Los Angeles to Honolulu would take three hours, whereas a flight from Miami to London would take just under five hours.

Boom anticipates beginning production of the Overture plane in 2025 and having the first passengers aboard by 2029.

The agreement with America follows United's commitment to purchase at least 15 Boom Supersonic Overture aircraft the previous year.

There are now 130 aircraft on Overture's order book, which includes acquisitions and options from American Airlines, United Airlines, and Japan Airlines.