The trauma not only caused me to suffer physically throughout my adolescent and teenage years, but it also emotionally scarred me for life.

Trauma, according to me, is a lifelong issue, Ayan stated.

This is the reason I want to discuss it. Because you are perfectly aware of how bad it feels and because it causes girls to die,

Most of my friends and family haven't truly seen what I'm talking about until now, Ayan stated.

"Things like these are not shared. In our family, it hasn't been discussed," Ayan said.

I was five years old and didn't understand what was happening to me, so the people I trusted the most were robbing me of my authority.

Even I had no idea what it was. 35 years later, it's still taking place, so I just want to raise as much consciousness as I can about it.

As long as I'm aware of using my position to stop this, the celebrity stated,  "I feel like if I can save 20 girls, 100 girls, or 500 girls, that's my purpose.

It is child abuse. Unexpectedly, many girls pass away.