The iPad already has Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Microsoft occasionally releases additional functions.

The business is currently testing better pencil input across all Office programs.

A text input method called Scribble, which turns handwritten words into text, is supported by some iPad models.

Although it is available in all text fields, Microsoft is now more clearly integrating it into the Office apps for iPad.

The touch keyboard will be hidden in Office programs' "Draw" tab if a physical keyboard isn't connected, and a new "Scribble Pen" button lets you scribble over any text area in the document.

According to Microsoft, Office Mobile now supports Apple's Scribble, enabling you to convert your handwriting into text in Office compositions.

This new function may use your iPad's Apple Pencil to add and edit the text in your document, presentation, or spreadsheet.

You still need an iPad-compatible stylus like the Logitech Crayon or an Apple Pencil.

Microsoft is still testing new features.