It contains spoilers because it details what transpired in Locke and Key season 3 on Netflix.

Episodes 1 & 2

Kinsey and Nina defeat Dorothy and Ada, the sisters who trapped Bode inside a Snow Globe. 

Meanwhile, Tyler hasn't returned to Earth because he doesn't remember how to use magic.

 However, he does return in the end for his friend Duncan's wedding. And Tyler decides he wants to stay with the Lockes just a bit longer.

Episodes 3 & 4

After finding Eden's body in the well, Kinsey and her friends chuck her body into the ocean

By not listening to Nina and Duncan's warning about the Timeshift Key, Bode brings Dodge into the present timeline.

As a result, Dodge traps Bode and takes over his body.

Captain Frederick Gideon recruits Dodge and hopes that she'll aid him in stealing all of the keys from the Lockes.

Dodge causes a bit of a stir while using Bode's body. Rufus is too afraid to reveal the truth, so Nina finds Dodge's body under her bed.