According to a leader in the Houston region, a Texas toddler under the age of two appeared to have tested positive for monkeypox.

The baby has not attended daycare or school, according to Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, who also noted that the disease's cause has not yet been identified.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must conduct tests before the supposed case can be officially confirmed.

During a press conference carried live by KHOU 11, Hidalgo stated, "The child is now projected to make a full recovery and is doing very, very well."

She said that the child's rash is the only symptom present.

Contact tracing is in progress, but as of now, no one appears to have contracted the virus from the child, according to Hidalgo. The child's parents are assisting authorities as well.

Only a few cases of young children have been reported nationwide, she said, adding that the Harris County case is one among them. "I realize that it's a pretty terrible thing and that parents are worried,"

There are over 1000 cases in Texas.