Rapper "JayDaYoungan" passed away at the age of 24.

Rapper "JayDaYoungan" was shot and died Wednesday night in Bogalusa, Louisiana.

His real name is Javorius Scott

His real name is Javorius Scott

Before six o'clock in the evening, a shooting was reported to the local Louisiana police.

Scott was driven in a personal automobile to the emergency room at Our Lady of the Angels,

Eventually, under a statement posted on the Facebook page of the Bogalusa Police, he passed away "as a result of his injuries."

The press release stated, "Kenyatta Scott Sr. has been moved to another facility, and we have been advised he is in stable health."

Kenyatta is reportedly Javorius' father, but authorities denied this and said the survivor was a "close relative" of the rapper. They also declined to comment on their relationship.

The two incidents are connected, according to officials.

They said they believe the violence is retaliatory. An investigation is continuing.