Tommy Dorfman said that she is engaged to a mystery woman and called the relationship "extremely validating" after divorcing her spouse Peter Zurkuhlen earlier this year.



Since high school, I hadn't really been aware of my interest in women, but I knew it was there. She Said.


She gave an explanation on the podcast. "I had this unanswered, unresearched issue. This is the year I'm going out on dates with girls so I can let that stuff out once more and not feel bad about it, I thought."


"They said things like, "Oh, like you're the safest guy in the world," because they assumed I was a gay man. Then all of a sudden, in my brain, I change and start to seem a little bit more menacing "She stated.


Tommy eventually gave in to her emotions and found "the one I'm going to spend the rest of my life with."


"It's secure. Additionally, it's risky and terrifying to fall in love, "She stated.


She revealed, "My fiancée, she knew how, so she did it for me the first time."

She then guided me through everything over FaceTime even though she was out of town.