Vasculitis is defined by the Mayo Clinic as "inflammation of the blood vessels," which can thicken cell walls and narrow the vessel's path.

Damage to organs and tissues can occur if blood flow is reduced,

According to the Mayo Clinic, vascular disease can have a short- or long-term influence on one or more organs.

What did Ashton Kutcher Said?

Credit: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

In the National Geographic program "Running the Wild with Bear Grylls," Kutcher disclosed that he had vasculitis.

"I had this crazy, incredibly unusual form of vasculitis like two years ago," Kutcher told Grylls. "It like knocked out my vision, it knocked out my hearing, it knocked out like all my equilibrium."




weight loss

general pains and aches

digestive system issues


 ringing in the ears

abrupt hearing loss

temporary or permanent blindness 

shortness of breath