On August 11, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that GM (GM) is recalling third-row seat-equipped Cadillac Escalades, Chevrolet Suburbans, Tahoes, and GMC Yukons from the model years 2021–2022.

According to NHTSA

The left or right-side third-row seat belt buckle assemblies may have had an incorrectly formed rivet holding them to the mounting bracke.

According to the NHTSA, 484,155 automobiles are involved in the recall. Although GM "is not aware of any incidents or injuries related" to the seatbelts.

 NHTSA stated that the automaker had received multiple field reports that may be connected to the issue.

According to the administration

"dealers will verify the rivet head formation on both the left and right side third-row seat belt buckle assemblies and replace seat belt buckle assemblies, as appropriate, free of charge."

Due to a third-row seatbelt issue, GM is recalling a large number of vehicles.